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STORE / Hayabusa Mirai Headgear
Hayabusa Mirai Headgear
Code: HYBS003

Custom Comfort & Improved Field of Vision

The new Mirai Series Headgear is the most custom-fitting headgear ever developed by Hayabusa. This innovative head protection is powered by the award-winning Boa Closure System and integrated High Shock Force Chin-Cup for maximum fit, comfort and protection. What's more? The Mirai Series Headgear has been specifically designed to provide a 20% increase in peripheral vision compared to Hayabusa Pro Series Headgear for improved performance. Upgrade to the Mirai Series Headgear today!

A Perfect Fit Every Time, Guaranteed

Unlike other performance equipment, the new Mirai Series delivers a perfect fit every time. We are so confident that the Mirai Series Headgear will be the best-fitting headgear you've ever used that we encourage you to take the Mirai Series "Perfect Fit Challenge". Try them, risk-free when you purchase online directly from us!

High-Quality Closure System Built to Last

Equipped with aircraft-grade stainless steel laces that are stronger per gram than tank armor, the award-winning Boa Closure System found in the all-new Mirai Series provides an unmatched level of quality and durability. In fact, the reel and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

  • Scientifically Tested to Provide a 20% Increase in Peripheral Vision
  • Powered by the Award-Winning, Patented Boa Closure System
  • Integrated High Shock Force Chin-Cup for a Precise Fit with Full Protection
  • Fully Breathable, Open-Top Design and Integrated Ear Covers
  • Lightweight Construction - You'll Have to Remind Yourself You Have it On!
  • A Perfect Fit Every Time, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Boa Technology Dialed in for Life Guarantee