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Cung Le is coming to Saigon Sports Club

Saigon Sports Club brings International Mixed Martial Arts Champion con movie star, Cung Le, to Vietnam Saigon Sports Club, Asia’s largest and Vietnam’s number one Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Club is bringing the American Vietnamese legend fighter, Cung Le back to Ho Chi Minh City to provide him the best Martial Arts training facility in preparation for his upcoming UFC Fight Night in Macao, China this 23rd August 2014. Cung Le was born in 1972 in Saigon, South Vietnam. After the Fall of Saigon, Le and his mother left Vietnam for California, USA, where he ended up being bullied by other kids during his childhood. This motivated him to learn martial arts to protect himself and set his first steps in the glorious fighting career later on. Le is known to be “the undefeated” with three-time world champion in kick-boxing, three US Open International Martial Arts Championships and four US National Championships. Cung Le has gathered 16 wins in the Heavy Weight World Champions Fighting competition and also known as a Second Strike force Middle Weight Champion. Le, who is expected to arrive in August will give exclusive trainings and share his winning techniques to all Saigon Sports Club Instructors and members from the 8th to the 18th before he departs for Macao. This would be a good chance for all Martial Arts enthusiasts to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the world champion. Saigon Sports Club being the only one of its kind in Vietnam takes pride in welcoming Cung Le. Spanning over a total of 7,000 square meters, Saigon Sports Club carries top of the line MMA equipment with a goal to provide integrated sports development, not only in MMA but in other fighting and sports related disciplines as part of its core belief. With programs designed for men and women on all competition levels from beginners to advance, it offers classes from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing and its latest, Trainings for Warriors, known as TFW. Aimed to deliver the best and credible instruction in the country, Saigon Sports Club provides the real Martial Arts classes for its members. Saigon Sports Club does not only offer membership for Martial Arts but Fitness and Yoga as well. The club aims to grow more fighting classes and services in the near future.