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Taxi Ho Chi Minh airport transfer to Muine

Thảo luận trong 'Tin Tức' bắt đầu bởi andy2018, 1 Tháng mười một 2018.

  1. andy2018

    andy2018 Thành viên Thành viên

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    1 Tháng mười một 2018
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    The local name called " Freeway of Ho Chi Minh - Dau Day - Long Thanh - Muine" so this is a great information update for all of us who making the taxi transportation to Muine from Ho Chi Minh airport because our driver will bring you to the Muine, Phan Thiet with a super convenience, faster, save your time up and budget for your travel options.

    The distance of taxi Ho Chi Minh airport transfer to Muine is now just 3,5hours for 190 km to drive with an English speaking driver as well as his experience on the tour so far.

    Vietnam budget car transfer company is now giving to all tourists the special offer today car van taxi Ho Chi Minh airport to Muine 79$ without any surcharged this base cost includes all driver expense,parking,toll gate,airport fees, free water.

    We guarantee for the cheapest taxi Ho Chi Minh airport to Muine with the lowest cost from 79$ for the Sedan,SUV/whole group with a new vehicles model and good air-condition, this base cost will be fixed on a peak season in around of years ( please book and confirm with us right now to be secured for your booking available ).

    Our company is difference another travel agents way as we also never surcharged for any time,any location to pick you up from Ho Chi Minh hotels location ( even the middle nighttime at the airport).

    Private car transfers Ho Chi Minh airport to Muine with English speaking driver Ho Chi Minh airport to Muine is much better to take the train,shuttle bus to Muine because it will fix the schedule as well as you must take another taxi from your location to the shuttle bus station Taxi Ho Chi Minh to Muine that waste of your time and must pay more a little bit cost for the taxi transfer to there.

    Book now a private car,taxi, van transfer to Muine today to have a good price, make sure for your fix base cost and available for your service during the peak season.

    Regarding of the Taxi transfer Ho Chi Minh to Muine so we would like to offer more with some discount for your next trip to Dalat, Nhatrang, Vung tau too, for any the next booking will be discount 10%.

    Payment deposit will be inquired to secure for your safe booking transfers and the details of the flights, hotel booking provided for us.

    This is a budget, good quote for the private of car, van, taxi type SUVs, MPV, Sedan transfers to Muine just 79$ for the whole group with no hidden charged.

    For any booking confirmed with us so we just require the booking payment deposit at the lowest amount from your Credit Card,Paypal that make sure for your booking be fixed and available at all time, so we are willing to refund your payment deposit if you have a trouble on your plan holiday to Vietnam, It also be not any surcharge if you change your time/schedule to pick you up any time so we also never charged you even 1$.


    117 -119 Ly Chinh Thang St,Dis 3,HCMC,Vietnam

    (08) - +84.988.038.301 (WhatsApp,Viber)

  2. andy2018

    andy2018 Thành viên Thành viên

    Tham gia:
    1 Tháng mười một 2018
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    The best travel experience way to explore the Hoian, Danang from Chan may port is by private car transfers from Chan may port to Hoian Danang tour with English speaking driver because no train,taxi,local bus local transport service at Chan may port Vietnam.

    The Chan may port is a comercial port and quite far from Hoian, Danang of Vietnam as the distance from Chan may port transfers to Hoian is 59 miles ( 96 km ) by the local private car transfers with English speaking driver service so you will have a change to visit the nice beach of Lang Co beach before going to the Hai van tunnel ( may ask our driver go up to the Hai van mountain view for your sightseeing) then arrival Hoian around 10h00 am if you have left at around 7h30 -8h30 am from Chan May cruise ship docked.
    Budget transport Chan May port to Hoian, Danang tour is organized as the local experience tour itinerary details operator as below:
    Hoian sightseeing tour " Phuc Kien Communal House, Tan Ky ancient commercial house, Japanese covered Bridge, and Phung Hung Ancient Trading House. Visit one of the lantern making workshops then tenjoying you lunch at Hoian ( by your budget) before going to Danang.
    Danang sightseeing tour” Cham Museum" which shows the most complete collection of rare and valuable items of the famous Cham Culture Then driving around Son Tra peninsula named as Monkey Mountain to visit Linh Ung Pagoda with the biggest Guanyin statue (Lady Buddha statue. leave for the Danang at around 4h00 pm for your cruise ship return safe and on time.
    The company office address :
    Add: 117-119 An Phu Plaza,Dist 3, HCMC,VN
    Add: 68 Hang Bong St,Lotus Building, Hoan Kiem Dis,Hanoi,VN
    Hotline : +84.0988.038.301 ( WhatsApp,Viber,Line)
    Mail :
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